1 simple & effective sweep. There's so many ways you can use your Dubltake Control Stick.


On Frizz & Fly-aways: Quickly tame and control unwanted frizz and whispy bits for a clean sleek look.

1. If your hair is in an upstyle (eg. pony tail or bun) apply Dubltake Control Stick by starting at your hair line and sweeping backwards.

2. If you're wearing your hair down, use Dubltake Control Stick starting at your part line sweeping down. Re-apply as needed.


On Baby Hairs: Get creative and add a little sass to your hairstyle by styling your baby hairs.

1. Start at your hair line and brush your baby hairs forward on to your forehead.

2. Then using sweeping motions use the wand head to guide and style your baby hairs so they curl out and upwards toward your hair line. Waved, swooped to the side or slicked down, there's really not a right or wrong way to do it.


On Brows: Brush, style, prepare and set your brows.

1. For a fluffy natural brow or wet look, use Dubltake Control Stick on clean, make-up free brows. Simply tilt the wand head on it's side, start at the inner corner of your brow, then brush up and out.

2. Use as a brow primer before brow make-up application to brush brow hairs in-line and provide a dewy base.

3. Use to set brows after brow make-up application to ensure your look won't budge.